How to reset Prism admin password of Nutanix cluster

Connect to CVM using ssh with “nutanix” user. CVM has a pre installed python file ( to reset Prism admin password.

Run this file ‘’ which reset prism admin password to factory default – ‘Nutanix/4u’.

Login in prism UI with ‘admin’  user & ‘Nutanix/4u’ password and create a new password. UI will ask to login again with new password, you can verify password update task created in the UI.

How to install Nutanix Openstack Pike drivers?

Nutanix released Openstack pike drivers recently. Let’s take a step by step look on how to consume these drivers in your Openstack Pike deployment.


  1. Openstack Pike deployment
  2. Nutanix PE (Prism Element) set up


  1. Download Nutanix rpm/deb package from Nutanix portal.
  2. install the rpm ( rpm -i…..) on machines running neutron-server, nova-compute, glance and cinder-volume.
  3. Add your Nutanix PE details in /etc/nutanix_openstack_config.json
  4. neutron-server:
    1. Edit neutron.conf (/etc/neutron/plugin.ini) to have below config:-
      1. type_drivers=vlan
      2. tenant_network_types=vlan
      3. mechanism_drivers=nutanix
    2. Edit /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/neutron-<x.y.z>-py2.7egg-info/entry_points.txt to have below config
      1. [neutron.ml2.mechanism_drivers]
        1. nutanix=nutanix_openstack.neutron.driver:AcropolisNetworkDriver
    3. restart neutron service:  service neutron-server restart
  5. Glance:
    1. Edit /etc/glance/glance-api.conf to have below edit
      1. [glance_store]
        1. stores=http
        2. default_store=http
      2. Edit /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/glance_store-<x.y.z>-py2.7.egg-info/entry_points.txt to have below config
        1. [glance_store.drivers]
          1. http = nutanix_openstack.glance:Store
      3. restart glance api and registry services ex. service openstack-glance-api restart & service openstack-glance-registry restart
  6. Cinder-volume:
    1. Edit /etc/cidner/cinder.conf to have below config
      1. [DEFAULT]
        1. enabled_backend=nutanix_openstack
        2. glance_host=$glance_service_ip
        3. glance_api_servers=$glance_service_ip:$glance_api_port
      2. [nutanix_openstack]
        1. volume_driver=nutanix_openstack.cinder.driver.AcropolisVolumeDriver
    2. Edit /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cinder-<x.y.z>-py2.7.egg-info/SOURCES.txt to have below config
      1. nutanix_openstack/cinder/
    3. restart cinder-volume service:  service openstack-cinder-volume restart
  7. nova-compute:
    1. Edit /etc/nova/nova.conf to have below config
      1. [DEFAULT]
      2. compute_driver=nutanix_openstack.nova.AcropolisComputeDriver
      3. vnc_enabled=True
    2. restart nova-compute: service nova-compute restart
    3. run nova vnc in background
      1. /usr/bin/prism_vnc_proxy –bind_address= –bind_port=<random-port> –prism_hostname=<cluster-ip> –prism_username=<prism admin user> –prism_password=<prism admin user password> –docroot=/usr/share/nutanix_openstack/vnc/static &
      2. Note that, bind_port should be same as defined in /etc/nutanix_openstack_config.json cluster vnc port number.