One who values own words, is valued by others!

I had two bosses – first one always stick to his words, second one used to lie to walk away from his own words as per his convenience. Let’s call them A and B, respectively.

There was this incident, ‘A’ told team to plan for the upcoming planned holidays but later organization changed the policy and suspended planned holidays. ‘A’ could have easily backed off from his words or could have lied citing policy change. But! this guy did something else. He worked with his bosses to make sure people who have already planned holidays should be allowed to go ahead with leave. He transparently updated the team on the changes.He asked others to also plan their holidays, but to go on vacation turn by turn.

In other incident, ‘B’ promised to one of the teammate ‘T’ that for a matter he will check with higher management. My teammate ‘T’ followed up on this, but looks like ‘B’ forgot to work on the action item. ‘B’ could have easily accepted it and said “He could not work on this”. But! this guy choose something else. He told ‘T’ that “you were supposed to do this first, then only, I will check with the higher management” which was actually false. I can testify this as I was present on both the occasions.

‘A’ choose to stick to his words when he could easily walk off  and ‘B’ choose a white lie for petty thing when he could easily stick to his words.

I observed that ‘A’ was more relaxed at work, widely respected by the team, even by the people who were not very happy for some reason. Whatever he said, people believed him immediately, he was a trusted leader. He wore a genuine smile through out the day at work.

‘B’ was seen tense frequently. The kind of respect he was getting from the team, was same as any ‘boss’ will get. Whatever he will say to them,people will take it with a pinch of salt, clearly, he was not a ‘trusted’ ‘leader’. He wore fake smiles during conversations. He was desperate to be seen as a trusted leader. In fact, in a few conversations, he mentioned that how we need to have more trust within team and all. He was living a life full of anxiety and insecurity.

“Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable”

‘Importance of sticking to words’ is something that many of leaders forget over the time. This works as an adversary to them. A person who does not value own words is seldom valued by others genuinely. Respect and trust are something that can not be asked for. These things are need to be built by our actions. ‘Sticking to words’ is one of these actions.

“Trust starts with truth and ends with truth”

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